This Moment Is Ours

Wanderlino Arruda

Smiles and the perfume of love,
everything is sweet melody,
life in happiness.
Today and always,
the enchantment of kisses,
the heat of embracing,
the sweet smell of my loved woman
radiating happiness.
You squeeze my body as I hold you,
I see you and I feel you in a seductive embrace.
You, my sweet darling, are affection and light,
joy and peace,
enchantment always.

What a sweet warmth your body gives
and how good it is to feel loved.
Your nobility perfumes colors
just and deserved are your desires.

The moment is yours,
the moment is mine,
the moment is ours.
Splendid time of love...
Caressing your face,
watching you, so close,
I smell and I taste you,
I listen to the sound of colors.
Because I always see you as a maiden.
then I vibrate and live.
It’s wonderful to live in love!