In the Style of Salomon

Wanderlino Arruda

More magnificent than the dawn,
you are as beautiful as Rachel,
on a rare day of peace
in lovely Jerusalem.

Intriguing are your steps,
and green is the brightness
behind your veil, the scarlet blush.
Your beauty is born and reborn
among the young trees of the valley,
where grapes sprout and blossom.

I imagine myself in a coach of dreams,
while a humming bird contemplates you,
oh! girl of Shulam, unimitable,
mistress of Arabian dance.

Your feet in golden sandals,
Oh! daughter of the prince,
magnificence is reflected in your hips.
Brightness curves your loins,
your navel, O passion of the emerald valley,
is a never drying goblet
the highest point of roses in love,
everlasting love!