Charm and Joy

Wanderlino Arruda

Your charm is light that seduces
smiles full of joy,
insinuating, charming.
Enchanting charm, beautiful smiles,
delightful joy,
each time I see you, you’re more beautiful.
Your beauty parades in a clear morning aria
with sparkling majesty,
magic, seduction, magical seduction.
In your presence, time is not-time,
flight and dream, enchantment.

The hours pass flying, spinning,
discerning, lucid, speeding,
a breeze in the sea wind,
or in the mountains of my homeland,
my Minas Gerais.

Saying that life illuminates,
your intelligence vibrates and soars
with enthusiasm floating above,
in parades of pure poetry.
For where you pass, for where you live,
the horizon leaves sweet memories
in definitive souvenirs.
Each morning is the time to be happy,
eternity in you,