Fifteen Years

Wanderlino Arruda

Sweet time of life, young lady,
is to be in flower, fifteen years old,
age of dreams, age of tenderness,
ideal and lyrical time of living.
Being fifteen years old
is as enchantment,
magic of light,
magic of dreams,
a sweet newness waiting in the future.

Fifteen years, young lady,
cool touch of perfume
and smell of dawn,
all of them soft and sweet.
It’s a time of great beauty.
Fifteen years, young lady,
is a real promise of becoming woman,
and drawing near the future!

At fifteen, young lady,
you are more than happy,
wonderfully happy,
when the world still believes you.
Neither deceit nor disillusion,
because for the fifteen year old, there’s no past:
life compliments, tastes of honey,
a breezy joy in your innocent look.

Fifteen years, young lady,
is the moment of the first love,
delicious sensation of Spring!