Muse and Woman

Wanderlino Arruda

Yesterday’s love, today’s love,
the adored presence of life,
you are woman and muse,
muse and woman,
sweet dreams.

Poetry in many shades,
time gone uncounted,
you are gold and brilliance,
with fresh youth,
colored by the enchantment
of infinite music.
Uni-verse, lived life.

Perpetual beauty,
in love, always.
You’re playful and magical,
soft and sweet,
a spell of infinite joy.

Goddess-light, color of the ocean,
you have the allure of the eastern breeze.
Always maiden - always young!
in the emerald smile
or in the dreams of Spring.
Beautiful tanned muse,
you are dew and enchantment,
glory and delight.
In the sweetness of being and not-being,
there will never be a greater treasure
or more delicious seduction!