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To love, in the true sense of the word, is to be loyal, honest and conscientious; to do to others what we would have them do to us. It is to look around oneself and seach for the inner meaning behind all the pain afflicting your fellow creatures, so as to be better able to offer some relief. It is to consider the great human family as your own, because this family will, at some future date, re-encounter itself in the other more advanced worlds together with other Spirits who, like you, are also God's children destined to infinite elevation. Thus you cannot deny to your fellow men and women what God has liberally granted to you, seeing that, on your side, you should be happy that they give you what you need. Therefore always have a word of comfort and hope for all who suffer so that you may be wholly just and loving. Believe that the wise saying: "Love greatly so as to be greatly loved," will open up the way. These words are revolutionary and follow a pathway that is sure and invariable. But those of you who listen to them have already made some progress; you are much better than you were a hundred years ago. You have changed so much for your own good that you can willingly accept a host of new ideas on liberty and fraternity which before you would have rejected. Moreover, without doubt in another hundred years or so, you will accept just as easily those ideas which now you are unable to get into your heads. Today, when the Spiritist movement has taken such a big step forward, it is seen how quickly the ideas of justice and renovation, which are a constant in Spiritist teachings, are largely accepted by the intelligent world due to the fact that these ideas correspond to all that is divine within each one. This has come about because you were prepared by a rich and fertile sowing during the last century, when the seeds of great ideas regarding progress were implanted in the bosom of earthly society. As everything is linked together under the direction of God all lessons, when received and accepted, will be the means of bringing about the universal interchange of love for one's fellow beings. In this way all incarnate Spirits, being better able to appreciate and judge things, will join hands with those from every corner of this planet. One and all will come together to understand and love each other, to destroy all injustices and all causes of misunderstandings amongst peoples. The great concept of renewal through Spiritism, so well presented in The Spirits’ Book, will produce the prodigious miracles of the forthcoming century, and lead to the harmonising of all the material and spiritual interests of mankind. This will be brought about through fuller understanding of the maxim: "Love greatly so as to be greatly loved." -
                                    SAMSON, an ex-member of the Spiritist Society of Paris (1863).


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