Search for Beauty

I want to learn,
I want to know what
is wonderful in life.
In this search so long,
I have discovered some things:
the smile of children,
the songs of birds,
the breeze like a fragance.

the movements of clouds,
the clear sky after the rain,
the rumbling of water that passes,
music in the distance,
memories of fifteen years,
kisses of my beloved.

I am still discovering things:
the symphony of dawn,
the sadness of crepusculo,
the day of Christmas,
the first tricycle,
the first bicycle,
the first tree that we plant,
some faraway vacation,
translation without a dictionary,
my pictures in an exhibition.

How sweet it is to see a downpour,
to walk in fog,
to eat a worm ripe peach,
and... to dream… awake!

Wanderlino Arruda