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    Wanderlino Arruda

God blesses you, Montes Claros,
God protects you In progress,

In growth,
In poetry,
In your seresta music,
In your happiness while hosting others,
Which is your main virtue.
You are human,
You possess beauty,
You know how to love,
How to suffer, how to hope
For a better future.
You are dear, admired
And never forgotten,
You are the place to have nice dreams
Even from the deepest cold heart
Your shine, Montes Claros,
Shows strength and kindness
As kind is your twilights.
In truth, Montes Claros,
In truth,
You are not merely a city,
You are indeed a declaration of love !…

Construtores de Montes Claros
Wanderlino Arruda

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